CIS 1210- Information Technologies 2 (D.Tsartsidze)
(CIS 1210 IT2)

 ამ კურსს ესაჭიროება გასაწევრიანებელი ”გასაღები სიტყვა”

This course is designed to introduce concepts of basic information
technologies, to use basic communication technologies. The course is oriented
on the practical skills and includes working with texts and

The course includes the following topics:

· Introduce the basic principles of working with
texts, to create the documents, editing, reporting, and creating tables and
other graphics.

· Introduce the basic internet services, to use the
modern internet technologies for creating and electronic documents. 

ამ კურსს ესაჭიროება გასაწევრიანებელი ”გასაღები სიტყვა”